Property Valuation

Land, 2 bedrooms and/or office apartment: 275 € VAT incl.
House (row or three facades), more than 2 bedrooms and/or office: 300 € VAT incl.
Villa (four facades): 325 € VAT incl.
For properties more than 4 bedrooms and/or office, please contact us.

Those fees include: displacement, site visit, pictures, research and writing of a Written Record of the Evaluation of 2 pages minimum.

Renting Surveys

Apartment – 1 bedroom: basis of 125 € VAT incl. for each part
House (row or three facades) – 1 bedroom: basis of 175 € VAT incl. for each part
Villa (four facades) – 1 bedroom: basis of 200 € VAT incl. for each part
Per additional bedroom or office: 25 € VAT incl. for each part

Example: the current situation of a 2 bedrooms apartment would cost 150 € VAT incl. for each partFurnished: +25% VAT incl. 

Technical Acceptances

Observations and technical advices, provisional and definitive acceptance of buildings, assistance and advice in case of litigation related to a defect, intervention in arbitrage, etc.: starting at 300 € VAT incl.

Those fees include: displacement, site visit, pictures, measurements, research and if necessary writing of a Record.