Property valuation

Property valuation is a key step of your real estate project, whether you are buyer, seller or co-owner, living in Brussels or Walloon Brabant.

We also proceed to prior expertise in the framework of inheritance, donations or sharings.


A property valuation carried out by our experts is a guarantee:


Our approved real estate experts ensure you a complete property valuation, detailed property diagnostic and a perfect analysis of the current situation, and this, particularly in those following areas:


  • Land, 2 bedrooms and/or office apartment: 275 € VAT incl.
  • House (row or three facades), more than 2 bedrooms and/or office: 300 € VAT incl.
  • Villa (four facades): 325 € VAT incl.
  • For properties more than 4 bedrooms and/or office, please contact us.Terrain, Appartements 2 chambres et/ou bureau : 275 € tvac

Those fees include: displacement, site visit, pictures, research and writing of a Written Record of the Evaluation of 2 pages minimum.